Integrated training and certification focused on behavioural indicators and skills building. Using proprietary high end technology and fully immersive experiences.

Remote learning

Inweb 3D simulators.

Educational content.

Multiformat tests.

Versatile mobile applications.

In-depth learning

Fully immersive 3D simulators.

Onsite immersive 3D simulators.

Augmented reality platforms.

Biometric data analysis.

Improving education on every stage,
from attractive ways of showing contents
to fully immersive simulations.


Fully immersive wireless virtual reality glasses, with high quality audio and video, eyetracking, wide-area
motion tracking and hands detection.

Custom made controllers for any specification. Wired or wireless. Compatible with immersive, desktop, mobile and online simulators.

Augmented reality glasses capable of sensing movement, altitude, ambient light and humidity. Certified for industrial use.

Latest integrated eyetracking technology among other biometric data: beat rate, blood pressure, temperature and focus.

Software applications for all devices: Data analysis, individual and group report generation, online content, evaluations and simulations.


More information is transmitted and absorved in less time.


Both Conscious and Subconscious are engaged during training for a combined result.


Lymbic system is stimulated generating longer deeper lasting memories of events.


More content in less time
+ a stimulated audience
+ mobile simulator.


IVD Immersive:
Highly advanced solution with motiontracking, eyetracking, report generation, and more.
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IVD Online:
Web browser simulation, customizable and very versatile, for remote training.
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IVD Augmented:
Augmented reality solutions, information made simple, where it is needed the most.
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IVD Evaluations:
Custom made, simple to use systems for personal evaluation and certification.
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Fernando Muniz
CEO and co-founder.
Charismatic and calm.
The big boss.
Silvia Marega
CCO and co-founder.
Kind and serene.
The sweetness itself.

Juan Vallejos
Unity developer.
Experienced and determined.
The voice of knowledge.
José Fuentes
Unity developer.
Versatile and responsible.
The quite wise guy.
Alexis Servelló
Electronic Engineer.
Spirited and disposed.
The talented novice.
Camilo Albarrán
Web Developer.
Enthusiastic and creative.
The soul of the party.

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